Pull paper/film back to reveal a section.
Push pen into glue pad
Make sure you have enough glue in the end
Drills into tray



Below are step by step instructions on how to get started.

Your standard Diamond Painting will include:

  • canvas with your design printed on,

  • drill pen,

  • glue pad,

  • tray,

  • pre-sorted drills

Remove the items from the package. If you are using a storage container for each set of drills, fill this up so that you are all ready to start. Example: if you have 28 storage container that comes with labels, label each pot 1-28 and stick the labels on the lids of the pot. Pour in the correct drills into the correct pots

  • Lay out the canvas on a clean, flat surface (I find it still curls up on itself, if it does, lay the canvas flat, peel back the film half way to reveal the glue covered canvas and then stick in straight back down again, repeat on the other half and it should now stay flat on its own) You will notice that printed directly on the canvas is a chart with your diamonds that are labelled with a number that corresponds to a symbol. You will need to match the corresponding colour of diamonds to the symbols and place them on the canvas accordingly.

  • Peel back a small section of the film to work on at one time. It is easier if you work on a small section and complete that section before moving onto the next part of the canvas. It is important to keep the canvas covered when you are not working on it as it may lose its stick or things might get stuck to it that you do not want.

  • A pink rectangle that comes with the kit is the glue pad. Peel back the clear plastic on the glue pad and dip the tip of the drill pen to fill it with glue. (Some people call it Wax while some use Blu-tac instead)

  • Choose a symbol that you wish to start with. Pour a small amount of diamonds in the tray. If you hold it at a slight angle and gently shake it back and forth the diamonds will settle right side up so they are facing the correct way to pick them up with the drill pen. ( Make sure the flat surface of the drill (diamond) is the piece you stick flat onto the canvas).

  • You can then pick up the diamonds as they will easily stick to the tip of the drill pen. Once picked up, carefully press the diamond onto its corresponding symbol on the pre-glued canvas.

  • Repeat the process until your Diamond Painting is complete. You can now frame your finished art work. (Only use the frame itself, take the glass out of the frame as this will take away the shiny finish of your diamonds). Hang your master piece on your wall and let everyone enjoy the beautiful design or purchase a large scrapbook and create your own portfolio for people to look through all your completed Diamond Paintings.